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What can IJNet do to protect you or your company from unwanted intrusion?

IJNet can provide a cost effective firewall solution that will prevent external attack. Firewalls come in two forms,hardware based or software based. Hardware firewalls are currently the best defense system for small or large companies, and these devices tend to be placed between the internet and your network or computers. Software based firewalls can be installed and running on either the users computer or laptop, or on a dedicated computer that sits in between the internet and your network, in both situations IJNet do not recommend the use of software based firewa

Managing the security threat

Despite the rather horrible jargon and double-speak channelnomics make the very valid point that security threats are far better dealt with by a managed system.

So, what do we mean by “managed”. Most security vendors; AVG, Symantec etc; offer a centrally managed anti-virus solution. Instead of each individual machine being set up and downloading updates and telling the local user if anything is wrong there is a central agent doing all of this. One please too look at the whole of the network. Central management. Easier, quicker, cheaper. The way to go.


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